When our NOC Manager left last fall we wanted to replace the position with an outsourced NOC to reduce headcount, and bring in an expert to both Labtech and our backup solutions. Bringing in ProVal Technologies was one of the best decisions we made last year and has paid for itself.
During our first few monthly recurring Labtech admin meetings the ProVal team discovered incorrect settings and policies that were not applying correctly in our Labtech server. Things that we thought were automated and working were not. For example, there were multiple scripts and policies running but set to do nothing such as disk cleanup scripts. Cisco Umbrella was not configured correctly. Server alerting was not set right and the list went on.

The backup team sends daily and weekly reports and updates that reduce my technicians time that we used to spend on backup or antivirus tickets that took forever and were tedious.

ProVal also brings in great insights to our business and really cares about our success. They will frequently mention to me in meetings what new scripts they can import to make us more efficient or will schedule upgrades to our backups, Labtech, etc so I don’t have to worry. I truly view ProVal as a partner and extension of my team not as one of my vendors.