I’ve always felt that in order to maintain control, and the highest levels of service, that meant that we do everything in-house. As we continued to grow, our dedicated backup engineer would sometimes get behind and let critical backup failures go days before getting resolved. We also experienced some turnover in that position because it was pretty monotonous. When our last backup engineer gave his notice, we decided to reach out to ProVal to take on this critical part of our business. We provided them with access to our existing documentation, and they helped us configure a centralized console where all of our client’s backup statuses could be viewed from one place. Just like we tell our clients that outsource support to us, now we have a team of professionals for less than the cost of one dedicated resource. ProVal is half the cost of our dedicated employee and I have greater peace of mind knowing that backup alerts will get looked at every single day. Communication has been great, and I love that their engineers put time entries into our existing ticketing system so we know what’s going on and can pass tickets back and forth as needed. They are now an integral part of our team!