ConnectWise Automate: Scheduling Scripts Against Groups WebCC

Let's take a look at scheduling scripts in the Web Control Center for Automate. Since Patch 2022.4, we have some capabilities around group management and one feature is the ability to schedule scripts around groups. Click on ‘Show More’ to read the step-by-step transcript to follow along with how to do this in your Automate.

Step by Step:

  1. Coming back kind of where I picked up on a previous video here.
  2. I've just come down to the group section on the top left, come down to a managed service plan. For example, I’ve left-clicked so now I can see all the scheduled scripts I just picked the schedule script tab here.
  3. And so as I’m scheduling another script maybe I want this to run x number of times before it just kind of expires.
  4. What I’ll do is I’ll select my script and one nice thing that they've done in patch 4 is they've included subgroups.
  5. If you scheduled something on all clients, or a top-level all windows service plans, or the windows server group it would then do an inherited scheduled run against everything down. That is not quite the same as the thick client so just keep that in mind as you're scheduling things online.
  6. In this case I do want it to run on a recurrence, so I do want to click the schedule recurrence bottom left button.
  7. If I want it to run every five minutes, pick the date, and then because we're doing it on a limited run if you scroll down there is a set expiration so I can set this to expire today to you know three months from now, four months from now give it a date.
  8. The thick client allows you to do something a little differently where you can say set number of times to run.
  9. In the web client currently, we can only set an expiration date which again is just fine but once I do that when I hit schedule, we'll give this a quick second to load thankfully it's a little bit faster than the thick client has been in the past.
  10. I’ll just hit refresh to make sure it shows up here.
  11. It looks like my user doesn't have the capability to schedule scripts against this group.
  12. That's fine it should show up right away on the first run here if it doesn't recommending it to reload waiting about five or ten minutes for it to actually schedule against the group.
  13. Then once it's in there you can see that it's set to enable disabled that's something new and the web client that you can do you can give it the schedule type, you'll be able to see that when it runs.
  14. And then the advantage is we can see the next time it will run which is handy just as a quick glance of, oh this will run in four hours versus running you know daily we kind of don't know unless you guess based on the actual next run date or date-time stamp.