ConnectWise Automate: Custom Emails from Automate

Utilizing Automate to send custom emails using HTML templates is genius! MSP Consultant Alex reviews how you can send nice-looking emails to your clients through Automate. View the step-by-step to follow along.


  1. I wanted to go over an interesting customizable email format through Automate let's get into it.
  2. If you open up Automate and go to your scripts what we want to do is be able to create a custom nice looking email that you can send to clients for any number of reasons you could send an off-boarding script or like an email and that's what we'll go through today.
  3. Something like hey as you're you know leaving my MSP, or hey please uninstall the previous MSPs Automate something like that you're trying to communicate something but you want it nice looking. It's not just going to be plain text in an email.
  4. You can actually just use the send email function and in fact I've just got an example script here just called Alex's testing email.
  5. If I use the function send email it's more or less using just an SMTP with whatever information I give it and so what I can do is I can send it to my email here, give it a subject of course it has to have one and same thing with a body, but inside the body if I just hard code an HTML web page basically I can give it a heading, I can give it some text, I can give it a link, and then of course more text and then just close it off with you know the HTML and body. And in this case, it will just send me an alert off-boarding Automate, please use the following link to uninstall all traces of another agent.
  6. Here's the link to download and then you know of course you can give it a friendly name that looks like the link. If you don't want the link to be the full actual link to show and then of course more text this will download the zip file inside the executable remove all files from an Automate agent.
  7. If I actually run that and I open the debugger here I am just running it against an online machine just in our Dev environment and I hit start, you don't have to run it through the debugger this is just the easiest way to run it kind of on demand.
  8. Wait for actually to communicate to the agent so that I can click finish, give that a quick second it'll run through the two steps here, hopefully it won't tell me that the script completed on error or anything like that.
  9. Then from there I can actually open up the email, itself just double clicking it'll give me the heading that I want, the text, and then the actual link and if I do click this it will download the zip file that I have here.
  10. This is the actual Universal uninstaller that ConnectWise has so if you are communicating via email to a client, or you need them to uninstall something, or you have kind of a way to do that you can host a file and this is the agent uninstaller that I was referring to and then you can just run that and it would remove all traces of Automate.
  11. This is a great way to format a custom email in your scripts maybe um any number of reasons can really use this but I thought this would be a great tip.