Views for Better Patch Management

To ease up the process of patch management, the Patch Management filter head, under View Definitions, lets you further refine a machine ID / machine group filter based on different patch status attributes/conditions, as seen below:

View filtering can be applied under allfunction pages by selecting a specific View from the drop-down list or Create New.

ProVal Technologies – interview Vikram Khanna

An interview with Vikram Khanna by Jake Kosten, EO Chicago

How many years have you been in business?
We have been in business for 7 years now and we have over 60 employees between our offices in the US and India.

What is your core business model?
ProVal provides remote technical support and back-office services for other IT service companies, who are also referred to as managed service providers or MSP's. We cover after-hours support for our clients, so they don't have to staff 24x7 internally.