Backup Management for MSPs

Managed Backups – delivering peace of mind

Partnering with ProVal Tech

Let ProVal Tech save you from tough conversations with your clients … Our highly experienced and certified backup administrators act as an extension of your team by allowing you to offload the tedious daily management of your backups.

ProVal Tech not only monitors but remediates all backup issues 24x7 so that you have peace of mind knowing that your clients are safely backed up.

Our managed backup and & disaster recovery services include end-to-end best practice configuration and management of over 30+ different solutions.


Our Backup Management and Disaster Services Include:

Vendor-agnostic Backup Management

We integrate with over 30+ backup solutions to ensure that no matter what solution you are using, we got you covered.

Initial Setup and Configuration of Backups

Optimal setup is a must when administering backups. We will audit and configure backups to best practices, making suggestions where necessary.

24x7 Monitoring & Remediation of Backup Failure

Not only do we monitor your backups 24x7, 365 days of the year, but we also remediate all failures that may occur.

Coordination with Backup Vendors

No need to reach out to vendors with ProVal Tech on your side! We will liaison on your behalf with your backup vendors so that you can focus on your customers.

Daily Error Reporting

Stay in the know at all times about the status of your backups via Backup Radar. This tool provides you with a transparent status of your backups and is provided to all backup partners.

Backup Image and Integrity Verification and Testing

Backup solutions need to be held accountable. We provide testing and verification to ensure that the backup status you are seeing in your portal is accurate.

Disaster Recovery Drills and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Don’t have backup standards or processes in place? We will assist in the development of backup processes and standards (and test them!) to ensure expectations are aligned between you and your partners.

Backup Platform Migrations

Moving from one backup solution to another? No problem! The ProVal Team will handle the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we integrate with your backup solution(s) and work with 30+ providers to ensure you always have valid, on demand Backups.

Yes, we will reconfigure your solution to best practices and then monitor, manage, and remediate them 24/7.

We partner with Backup Radar and provide their backup reporting software as part of our service.

Absolutely! We offer…

  • Instant Cloud Virtualization with booting the system in the cloud
  • Disk Less Restore where we will create a USB Drive that can be used to restore on available hardware
  • Assistance with Operating System, File-Folder Recovery
  • Assisting a Technician to perform USB or Bare Metal Restore (BMR)
  • Assistance with VMR [Virtual Machine Restore] on an available Virtualization Host
  • Assistance with Application Restoration (SharePoint,SQL, Exchange)

Yes! The only things we do not assist with are network and hardware issues.