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Is your IT team spending hours, days, even weeks on routine activities which could be potentially automated? IT Network Automation can possibly save your IT department and organization tens of thousands of dollars in operational costs and improve the quality of IT service.

IT Network Automation works on the basis of conditions, which when met, trigger certain actions. Typically, this is accomplished via scripts or programs which continually check on conditions and trigger certain actions when those conditions are met. A real simple and commonly deployed automation example would be creating free space on a computer’s hard drive. As soon as the drive utilization becomes critical, a computer program will invoke to take an action like deleting temporary or old files which the computer may no longer need to keep.

ProVal Tech has helped companies deploy network automation to save tens of thousands of man-hours and improve their IT environments. Our capabilities around IT automation include:


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Their team has taken our ‘backend’ noise down to near zero

Shael Rismen,
CEO, Pace Technical Services
Toronto, ON

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