ConnectWise Automate Tune-Up

MSP Staff Augmentation

Get the most out of your ConnectWise Automate (formerly Labtech) System by leveraging the expertise & experience of our certified consultants working within your system. Our Tune-Up is a 30-day engagement which encompasses a 50+ point check and implementation of our recommendations and best-practices.

After the Automate Tune-Up process, you will-

  • Feel confident about your Automate application hardware & software environment
  • Better understand On-Boarding and Off-Boarding processes within Automate
  • How to best utilize groups, searches, policies, service plans, and Data Views
  • View and monitor (up/down status) network devices at your client locations
  • Analyze ticket noise sources and cut down on unnecessary alerts and tickets
  • Have functional 2-way ticket integration and sync with ConnectWise Manage
  • Ensure that best-practice monitors are in place and trigger the right actions
  • Deploy automation to log time, deploy software and perform routine maintenance
  • Successfully manage and review your patching process via Automate
  • Implement and utilize plugins like Active Directory and Virtualization Manager
  • Learn several tips, tricks and best-practices for an optimized Automate environment

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