Centralized Services

Support Activity Service Description
Patch Policy Setup Setting up of a patch management policy – policy groups, and patch schedules on RMM
Patch approval and denial Approving / denying patches as per policy setup and business requirements
Remediation of patch failures Manually deploying and remediating failed patch installs
3rd Party Patching Management of non-Microsoft patches (Java, Adobe etc.)
Server Reboots Perform server reboots after patching activity and ensuring key services are running
AV Agent Deployment Installing AV software across client machines and initial configuration – communication with central server, scan schedule, quarantine preferences etc.
AV Audit & Signature Updates Ensuring all MSP client machines are protected with AV and updated with current virus definitions
AV Issue Remediation Troubleshoot AV issues related to communication with central AV server, signature updates, scan schedules, AV agent removal etc.
Virus & Malware Removal Proactively check for threats, and remove virus and malware from infected machines
Backup Setup & Configuration Initial backup software installation, agent communication, backup schedule, and data retention policy setup.
Backup Checks & Remediation Check backup jobs for pass/fail, and remediate failures; re-execute / reschedule jobs. Fix issues like agent communication, restarting backup services or backup server/BDR.
Drive Space Management Manage space on destination drive / BDR as per client retention policy.
Reporting Backup job status reporting and notification
Virtual Boot Perform virtual-boot process for server backups
Backup Mount / Integrity Check Perform backup mount / integrity checks for backups
Agent Deployment Deploying RMM agents and initial configuration for monitoring
RMM Audits Routine inventory management, agent license reconciliation
Monitor Set Configuration Creation and modification of monitor sets as per MSP requirements
RMM Tool Upgrades Assistance with upgrading RMM tool software to newer versions
R&D / Reporting R&D and reporting on alerts being generated on RMM. ProVal can subsequently assist in addressing these alerts via monitor set configuration
Disk Space Management Routine checking and clearing of drive space on servers & storage
Disc Error Remediation Performing Check Disk, Drive Defrag, Bad sector analysis & remediations
Documentation and Knowledge-management Creating and maintaining MSP knowledge-management portal with up-to-date maintenance documentation
Custom reporting Custom reports and important metrics on the business