ScreenConnect Plugin

One of the best tools for optimizing your LabTech experience is the ScreenConnect plugin. LabTech includes a ScreenConnect Server license as well as licenses to access each machine in your environment. Why send a technician out to a site when you can connect remotely directly through LabTech? The ScreenConnect plugin allows for a remote session on any remote agent where the LabTech Agent and ScreenConnect Remote applications are installed. The LabTech ScreenConnect plugin will allow your business to do the following:
  • Take remote control of workstations and servers
  • One click access to remote sessions though the LabTech Computer Management Window
  • Block access and display while techs are working
  • Suspend any inactivity actions while connected
  • File Transfer between the technician and remote endpoint
  • Reverse Sharing
  • Reboot and Reconnect actions
ProVal Technologies can assist with the implementation of this plugin. Already have the plugin? We can assist with the auditing and adjusting of this plugin in cases where it’s already implemented. Our capabilities around this plugin include:
  • Installation of Plugin
  • Installation of ScreenConnect Server
  • Configuration of plugin
  • Installation of ScreenConnect agent on remote endpoints
  • Training on the plugin's capabilities and use

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