ESET Plugin

ESET is a poweral and popular antivirus solution. Integrating it into LabTech takes it to the next level. ESET fully integrates into LabTech utilizing its own dashboard and GUI, providing custom groups and installation scripts. The ESET LabTech plugin allows you to centralize management and reduce technician time spent. With the plugin you can perform the following:
  • Easily apply antivirus templates that will run automatically inside your LabTech Control Center based on your current LabTech policies
  • Real-time monitoring and management through the Antivirus dashboard included with the ESET plugin
  • Perform remote silent installations and activations on LabTech agent machines
  • Initiate on-demand virus endpoint scans for troubleshooting
  • Data views showing scanner status, system health, virus definition updates and more
  • Reporting from the ESET plugin showing various details about client systems
Monitoring Virtual Machine Hosts is especially helpful for ESXi, as you are unable to install a LabTech agent on the host. You can further monitor the virtual machines running on the hosts with similar monitors that are included. Each monitor is configurable to monitor with the thresholds that are appropriate for your environment. Ticket and reporting categories can be specified as well to ensure proper ticket routing. ProVal Technologies can assist with the implementation of this plugin. Already have the plugin? We can assist with the auditing and adjusting of this plugin in cases where it’s already implemented. Our capabilities around this plugin include:
  • Installation of Plugin
  • Configuration of Plugin
  • Training on plugin use and capabilities

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