Datto Plugin

Do you have Datto Backup and are looking to view backup information and generate tickets inside of LabTech? Ensuring backups are current is a critical task for MSPs. The LabTech plugin allows technicians to save time by centralizing management within LabTech and allowing LabTech tickets to be created for failed backups and other failures. The LabTech Datto plugin allows for integration and syncing between the two systems. With this plugin your company will be able to connect the two systems to allow:
  • Synchronization of backup information and centralized management
  • Generation of LabTech Tickets for Datto backup failures and more
  • One-click access to remote web
  • Last Screenshot Date/time with status listed
ProVal Technologies can assist with the implementation of this plugin. Already have the plugin? We can assist with the auditing and adjusting of this plugin in cases where it’s already implemented. Our capabilities around this plugin include:

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