ConnectWise Plugin | Labtech Administrator

Do you have ConnectWise and are looking to sync your LabTech tickets to it? Ensuring your Service Boards are connected and ticket categories are mapped can be a daunting task, but doing so ensures tickets are properly routed and won’t be missed. Tickets can be broken down by category and mapped to specific service boards, allowing you to have boards dedicated to specific tasks (I.e. backups, antivirus). The LabTech ConnectWise plugin allows for integration and syncing between the two systems. With this plugin your company will be able to connect the two systems to allow:
  • Synchronization of Tickets
  • Time
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Categories
  • Company Organization & Syncing
  • Contact Organization & Syncing
  • Service Agreement Mapping
  • Streamlining
ProVal Technologies can assist with the implementation of this plugin. Already have the plugin? We can assist with the auditing and adjusting of this plugin in cases where it’s already implemented. Our capabilities around this plugin include:
  • Installation of Plugin
  • Configuration of Connect Wise Integration
  • Importing Service Boards
  • Mapping Ticket Categories
  • Configuring Ticket Statuses
  • Mapping Agreements
  • Advanced Configuration & Customization
  • Syncing Time

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