CCleaner Plugin

CCleaner Business Edition plugin is a newer addition to the LabTech arsenal of tools. It enables technicians to set automatic cleaning schedules to ensure that endpoints are always running optimally. This helps to eliminate unnecessary tickets and unplanned service visits; leading to increased productivity and client satisfaction. The CCleaner ESET plugin will allow your business to do the following::
  • Easily apply CCleaner templates that will run in the background of client machines
  • An easy to use GUI that will allow for speedy deployments to client agents
  • Reduced ticket load and unplanned visits thanks to automatic cleaning schedules
  • Disk Resets
  • Power State
  • Initiate on-demand cleaning when necessary
ProVal Technologies can assist with the implementation of this plugin. Already have the plugin? We can assist with the auditing and adjusting of this plugin in cases where it’s already implemented. Our capabilities around this plugin include:
  • Installation of Plugin
  • Configuration of plugin
  • Installation of CCleaner on remote agents
  • Training on plugin capabilities and use

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