Kaseya VSA: Monitor Set Creation

In this video, I will discuss the creation of a Monitor Set that triggers an alarm if Outlook.exe is not running. Be sure to pair this with a policy to trigger a procedure that will start the process or to inform you via ticket or email of the process failure.

Step by Step:

  1. In today's video I will be discussing a monitor set that will monitor the process outlook.exe and let you know if the process stops. The principles taught in this video can be applied to any process that you may have need to monitor.
  2. First thing we need to do is we need to select the monitor module and select the monitor set function.
  3. I've gone ahead and created a folder that I’m going to place this into but if you haven't go ahead and do so to keep things organized.
  4. Select the folder and select new monitor set.
  5. On this page we're going to give the monitor a name and a description. We'll do outlook monitor for both.
  6. Select save.
  7. On the next page we have a couple options counter thresholds services check and process status for the purpose of this we're going to use process status, let's select add, and let's select our process from the drop-down.
  8. If you do not see your process in the drop-down simply select add process, add, put in the process name description, and select save.
  9. This process drop-down will populate with more processes the more computers and more audits are completed within your environment.
  10. We can set a description if you'd like and then for alarm on transition we have two options up or down.
  11. If you select up you will get an alarm when that process begins. If you select down you will get an alarm when that process ends
  12. So, let's select down, ignore additional alarms for.
  13. This allows you if it happens again within the next hour 10 minutes stays you can ignore it.
  14. So let's do one hour and now what this process this monitor is going to do it will create an alert if outlook.exe the process goes down and it will not give you another alarm for an additional hour.
  15. Let's select save and let's close out our window.
  16. I’m going to go ahead and refresh our page and let's ensure that the Outlook monitor folder has our Outlook monitor monitor and let's check the settings of it.
  17. So there's our monitor that we just created you can see there's no counter thresholds, no service checks but there is a process status the process that it's looking at outlook.exe alarm on transition 2 stands for down and rearm after one hour that does it for this video.