How Secure is your RMM? 

In light of recent events, the ever growing need to lock down each and every tool within your MSP’s tool stack has become very transparent. Hackers worldwide are now specifically targeting MSP’s and one of the easiest ways that they have been able to do so, is through the RMM. 

This begs the question: How Secure is your RMM? Below is a list of our top 13 points that we believe every MSP should be implementing to stay secure and reduce vulnerabilities within the tool.

Views for Better Patch Management

To ease up the process of patch management, the Patch Management filter head, under View Definitions, lets you further refine a machine ID / machine group filter based on different patch status attributes/conditions, as seen below:

View filtering can be applied under allfunction pages by selecting a specific View from the drop-down list or Create New.