Introducing Kaseya VSA 9.5

Kaseya has recently released its new “Next Generation Remote Monitoring Management Platform” Version 9.5, with lot of new critical features including couple of new features in Live Connect, KAV and better management of Cloud Backup with integration with Policy Management etc.

Deploying Applications to Agents on Kaseya

One of the advantages of an RMM is the ability to quickly deploy any application on priority on multiple machines. Reading on, you will be showing how to perform this in Kaseya. To do this, you will need to create an automatic script which will silently deploy and install any application with option to select a post installation reboot.

Takeaway’s from Kaseya Connect 2016

ProVal Tech’s Mohit Makkar got the opportunity to attend Kaseya Connect 2016 in Carlsbad, CA, and brought back tons of useful industry insights from the event. Major enhancements, new features & tools, integrations and expansions were announced this year @ Kaseya Connect 2016. With more than 500 attendees from 16 different countries and 23 sponsors/partners from varied verticals like backups, security, documentation and marketing etc, it was indeed a great event.

Access Control Rights for Kaseya User Accounts

If you want a Kaseya user to have limited access to the various tabs in Kaseya, permissions can be setup within the VSA. This option is useful if we have different team members in a company who need to work on different tasks like AV, Patch, and RMM. For example, the AV team would only have access to basic Kaseya tabs, along with the AV module.

Finding Machines Missing a Patch Membership in Kaseya

When configuring patch membership on machines, it is important to find machines that do not have a patch membership. Therefore, you need to be able to detect machines that do not have patch memberships assigned. To do this, the steps below can be followed:

Create a view in Kaseya for machines that do not have the required patch membership assigned.