Kaseya’s Temporary Agent – Live Connect on Demand

Although this is not a new feature in Kaseya, I feel as though it is one of the most rarely used. Live Connect on Demand installs a temporary agent on a machine which allows Live Connection to that specific machine, up to a maximum of 12 hours. The best part of this being that as the agent session ends, the agent is automatically uninstalled from the machine.

Kaseya Products Release & Improvements

 Kaseya has now started working even harder towards product improvements, and with more and more acquisitions, they have further expanded their IT Complete Platform. During the last product release webinar, multiple announcements were made regarding the release process, upcoming functionality, new product additions to the portfolio, and more.

Introducing Kaseya VSA 9.5

Kaseya has recently released its new “Next Generation Remote Monitoring Management Platform” Version 9.5, with lot of new critical features including couple of new features in Live Connect, KAV and better management of Cloud Backup with integration with Policy Management etc.