Upgrading Labtech RMM to Version 10.5

Before upgrading to LabTech 10.5, you need to follow the upgrade documentation provided by LabTech:

It is important to follow all of the instructions, as you should have a backup of your LabTech server as well as ensure the requirements are met.

Clearing Missed Patches with Labtech

LabTech attempts to install a patch three times before it “gives up”. When a patch is marked as Missing-Pushed, LabTech will no longer attempt to install this patching during patch windows. Varying reasons can cause a patch to get marked as this, but we need LabTech to try again.

Proactive Maintenance (Centralized Services): Are you delivering on your MSP promise?

“Proactive maintenance” is as synonymous to “Managed Services” as Google is to internet search. The entire premise of proactively managing IT for a small or mid-sized business is what delivers value to MSP clients.

You may remember the sales pitch you made not too long ago: “Dear Customer – XYZ Networks will make sure that we are constantly monitoring your IT network, ensuring that your critical data is being backed up, your environment is secured from any threats or viruses, and you are most up to date with your technology, so you can focus on your business.

ProVal Tech – Your Dedicated Virtual Labtech Admin or Kaseya Admin

Labtech and Kaseya are industry leaders in remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools for the small-medium managed service providers or MSP’s. Tools like Labtech and Kaseya have become a very important and integral part of the MSP ecosystem. These tools not only allow IT Service companies to remotely connect to client machines via the Internet, but they also allow for complete remote management of the client’s IT environment.