Kaseya VSA Basics – Live Connect

ProVal Tech’s Consultant Dan is going to go over Live Connect with you. Dan shows you how to access multiple tools and navigate your way through Live Connect. Click on ‘Show More’ to read the step-by-step transcript to follow along with how to do this in your VSA.

Step by Step:

I wanted to go over Live Connect how to install and use it as well as its several modules.

Kaseya VSA: Apply Procedure via Policy

ProVal Tech’s Consultant Tobin goes over how to apply procedure via policy in your Kaseya VSA. Tobin uses the non-compliant view in the policy to schedule recuring procedures, create policies, and edit your procedures and policies. He also gives insight on how to set days and times in the week to distribute these procedures via policy.

Kaseya Agent Procedures

ProVal Tech’s MSP consultant Dan shows you how to Create Kaseya Agent Procedures. This Kaseya VSA basic allows you and your team to fully utilize what the program has to offer and will help with the process to automate your workflow. Click on ‘Show More’ to read the step by step transcript to follow along with how to do this in your VSA.

Step by Step:

First log into your Kaseya VSA and browse the agent procedures.

Kaseya VSA Password Expiration Policy

ProVal Tech’s MSP consultant Tobin shares Kaseya VSA’s Password Expiration Policy. Tobin goes into detail about how to change the maximum password age in the VSA. Kaseya VSA’s update on July 11th, 2021 automatically defaulted the password age to 30 days and until now was unable to increase this time.

ConnectWise Automate Windows 11 Prerequisite

ProVal Technologies MSP consultant Alex goes in-depth on ConnectWise Automates Windows 11 prerequisite Audit, and which prerequisites you should consider if you do or do not want to make a push for Windows 11. To find the easiest prerequisite anything that is 8th generation, intel, or newer should meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11. Click on ‘Show More’ to go into more detail and follow the step by step with the video.