Mac Agent Functionality Within ConnectWise Automate

Mac Agent Functionality Within ConnectWise Automate

When deploying an RMM tool across your fleet of endpoints, an important thing to keep in mind is what type of agents are supported. For MSPs that manage Macs in addition to Windows machines, you can rest assured that Automate has you covered when deploying agents to both. This blog will cover what the Mac agent can do for you and how to get it deployed.

Mac Agent Deployment

To install the Mac agent, first you need to download the Mac agent installer from the web control center. You can find this by navigating to System >  Installers > Custom Agent, where you can select the location you would like to add the agent and either download the installer or generate a URL that you can use to download the installer. Once you have the installer on the endpoint, run the LTSvc.mpkg and follow the prompts in the Install Remote Agent window. When that is completed, you can verify the agent install by running the following commands in terminal.

sudo launchctl list | grep com.labtechsoftware

launchctl list | grep com.labtechsoftware

If these two commands return the 3 labtech functions LTUpdate, LTSvc, and LTTray, then the agent is working properly.

Mac Agent Functions

The Mac agent enables of many of the same features that are available to Windows agents, with the biggest one being ConnectWise Control integration for remote access. This allows you to remote into the agent from offsite. Additional features include access to the file explorer and console shell without interrupting the end user, reporting on disk info, software installed, and services running. And of course, you will have access to all of the automation available within Automate. You can run software deployment scripts, run dataviews to gather information, and configure monitors to check disk space or the result of an executable.

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Written by: Dylan Schmidt

ProVal Technologies - Sr. RMM Admin

Dylan Schmidt is a Sr. RMM Admin for ProVal Technologies. In his first year with the company, he gained valuable experience working under Industry experts with many years in the field. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Florida State University.