MSP’s – Are you investing in your RMM Tool?

MSP’s – Are you investing in your RMM Tool?

MSP’s, or managed service providers, provide several IT services to different businesses and companies. They become the external IT department for the company that has hired them. For an MSP, having cutting edge engineering expertise and industry knowledge, is essential to market themselves to prospective clients. The Remote Monitoring and Management tool or RMM is probably one of the most essential and productive tools in the MSP toolkit. However, after deploying an RMM to clients, the MSP needs to continually invest time to improve and optimize the RMM. How does an MSP do that?


Investing in the automation capabilities provided through an RMM platform, can dramatically cut down on the time spent remediating recurring issues. As we all know, time is money, manually going into machine after machine remediating issues is inefficient and expensive. By investing in the tool to do this work for you, engineers can focus their time on customer-facing items that can drive revenue.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a recurring issue solved the same way, every time? You can! Investing in your RMM tool by utilizing the automation capabilities eliminates manual errors. With best practice monitoring and alerting there will be nothing that slips through the cracks. Add in, auto remediation for recurring issues, and there are few if any “mental errors” that can occur within an organization.



Without knowing the common entry points and locking them down securely, ransomware can infiltrate your system. Time and time again, we enter new prospects RMM instances and find vulnerabilities. It should be the utmost importance to an MSP to know the latest best practices for securely locking down you and your client’s systems and take the appropriate measures to do so. As ransomware attacks become continuously more common, greater emphasis needs to be placed on security within organizations. Invest in resources for your tool to avoid one of the biggest threats for any organization in the technology industry.

Higher Visibility

Data is an important facet of any MSP. When you invest in your RMM, you can pull just about any information out of your RMM tool. Want to know how many agents have not checked in the 60 days? No problem! Do you need to know who has not upgraded to Windows 10? Done! Being able to find data quickly and efficiently saves a lot of time and allows you to make more informed decisions.

Ultimately, it is important to invest in your RMM. Whether you outsource or hire inhouse resources, the benefits you receive far outweigh the cost associated with the optimization of this tool.