Software Management Enhancements

Software Management Enhancements

Within the last few releases of Kaseya VSA Patches, Kaseya had introduced a lot of new features in Software Management. Some of those new key features are as below:

  • Added Skip if offline in Deployment Profile and Scan Profiles
  • Added Distributed window
    • Scan Profiles
    • Deployment Profiles
    • Blackout Windows

Software Management in Kaseya has introduced Skip If offline feature under Software Management > Profiles > Scan and Analysis & Deployment.

Now has these Software Management profiles can manage the automatic schedule scans and deployments for offline machines/assets. In earlier VSA patches, the scans and deployments were queued and executed once the agent comes back online. We now have the flexibility to skip scan or deployment tasks for offline agents by checking the Skip If offline when adding or editing the profiles.

Skip if offline Logs - Upon enabling Skip if offline option to a profile, below messages are logged to Software Management > Administration > Application Logging:

Event Id: < New Event ID >
Event Name: Skip if Offline selected on < Deployment/Scan > action
Message: Skip if offline the in the scheduling of < machine id >
Admin: < Admin which initiated the task >
Event Date: < Date when the skip if offline option was selected >

Further, Kaseya added one more feature in their latest patch with the name “Distributed Window” in Software Management Scan and deployment profiles. This feature was available already in other modules in VSA and now also added in SM which has similar functionality. This will schedule the task when enabled in Scan profiles and Deployment profiles to a randomly selected time no later than the number of periods specified, to spread network traffic and server loading.

Adding further on this, several bugs with SM are fixed with the latest patch of Kaseya. Below are some examples

  • Fixed an issue where the Failed Patches report did not display any data
  • Fixed a patch approval error that occurred if private profiles were enabled
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the installation of Adobe Reader. Installation would fail with this message: Software not supported on this machine - Adobe Systems, Inc Reader
  • Management > Patch Approval - Fixed an issue where column filtering interfered with patch approval operations. In these cases, approvals and rejections were not processed properly and the associated patches remained in the Patch Approval list
  • Management > Patch Approval - Fixed an issue where column filtering on the Machines tab was applied instead to the Profiles tab