Protection from Security Breaches – AuthAnvil by Kaseya

Protection from Security Breaches – AuthAnvil by Kaseya

AuthAnvil By Kaseya is an essential piece in the MSP industry these days, with its purpose being to protect data and machines from being affected by any Ransomware attacks or Hacking. The more sophisticated/matured we become with our approach to cyber defenses, similar advancements are being made by cyber-criminals.

To fight against the legions of black hat hackers and script kiddies is a never-ending battle in the IT industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Some common hacking trends and terms that we should understand which are being deployed by the hackers these days are as follows:

  • Island Hopping – This can occur in three forms: network-based, watering hole attacks, and Reverse Business Email Compromise (BEC).
  • APT Attacks – Advanced Persistent Threat has roots in political espionage and financial gain. An attack that is methodical in nature, this type generally takes place over extended periods of time.
  • Phishing Attacks – These attacks have been around since there start of emails. Attacks like this are familiar and friendly in appearance, making them highly effective. Once a file is downloaded or a link is clicked, malware can be invited right into your organization/environment.

Recent researchers found that MSP’s are top on the list of these hackers and they are specifically targeting RMM’s for having a wider reach to various organizations’ data. So, the use of Two Factor Authentications is now highly recommended.

There are a lot of good products available in the market that provide 2FA/SSO, such as, AuthAnvil By Kaseya, CA Strong Auth, Okta Verify, Duo, and more. Kaseya has taken steps in this direction with its own in-house product, AuthAnvil, that deeply integrates with the Kaseya VSA and provides maximum security to infrastructure with Complete Identity & Access Management Solutions. Some features include:

  • Two Factor Authentication - AuthAnvil By Kaseya solves one of the major causes for breaches, an example being a weak password. With this product, you can authenticate your login to VSA, Remote control/Access to the machine and Running agent procedure, etc. all through protection by a 2FA.
  • Single Sign-On - This is used to provide secure web portals login and easy access to various products/applications used in the MSP community. It integrates products like IT Glue, VSA, Office Applications, Dropbox, and more. It provides a single-click login to these in AuthAnvil launchpad dashboard managed through the centralized policies based on user roles.

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