Windows 7 & Windows 10 Multiple Builds End of Life – Upgrade Using Kaseya or ConnectWise Automate

Windows 7 & Windows 10 Multiple Builds End of Life – Upgrade Using Kaseya or ConnectWise Automate

As per the latest updates from Microsoft, several windows 10 builds are now unsupported and many more will be unsupported by November 2019. For more information on this, please review our blog from June of this year: Windows 10 Build Upgrades are Inevitable – Use Kaseya / ConnectWise Automate to Deploy.

Also, Windows 7 will be unsupported by January 2020. This means there will be no security patches or rollups released for this operating system, which in turn makes the machine vulnerable. So, in order to prevent your windows 7 machines from getting attacked by ransomware, you need to either upgrade your Windows 7 machines to Windows 10, or sign up for an expensive yearly subscription from Microsoft to stay supported.

Here at ProVal, we have taken many steps to stay in compliance under both circumstances. For example, we have created a few scripts that assist in the deployment of the latest Windows 10 version.

Our first Kaseya/ConnectWise Automate script helps to identify if the Windows 7 machines are compatible to be upgraded to Windows 10. This includes the license, hardware, software and driver related checks using the native methodology of Microsoft to provide accurate results.

As mentioned in the article above, we have already created different scripts both on Kaseya and ConnectWise Automate to upgrade the Windows 10 build to either the latest version 1903 or V-1 i.e. 1809 in order to remain in compliance.

Multiple additions have been made to this script to make it more advanced and incorporate features that help to make this task easier. A couple of major additions can be seen below:

  • Capturing the Windows 10 Build Upgrade Errors and publishing on a custom field or logs to avoid manually logging in to the system and troubleshooting common issues from Kaseya/ConnectWise Automate Portal.
  • Windows 10 skip the welcome screen/options – Once upgraded to the latest version, although the setup and configuration remain the same, some standard user showed discomfort with seeing these options as we see on the new OS setup or first login. We have created a script to skip those options and go straight to the user login screen.

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