Kaseya Patch and Future Updates

Kaseya Patch and Future Updates

The July 2019 release of Kaseya patch includes various new features, enhancements, performance improvements and bug fixes. Kaseya has not released a new patch since April ’19, which makes the July ’19 patch even more important.

Important Note: This patch requires .NET version 4.7.2 to be installed on the machines.

New Features introduced in Kaseya VSA:

  • New User Interface: The biggest change introduced in the latest patch is the change in the GUI for On-Prem customers
    • New icons, navigation panel and site header are introduced in the new patch
    • The VSA login page has been updated as well
  • 1-Click Access: Kaseya has introduced a new feature called 1-click access to ease the process of remote login into the machines
    • The feature first checks if the Kaseya Admin account exists on the endpoint or not. If the account doesn’t exist, then it is created with a random password. Also, the password will change everytime a new session is started, and the previous one gets disconnected
    • If another user is logged into the machine, there may be a message indicating that the other user will be disconnected from their session if the 1-Click user continues. If there isn’t another user logged in, this does not happen, and the session begins immediately
    • This will increase the security and no knowledge of credentials will be needed
    • To enable the 1-click access feature admins must first authorize an agent and authorize the permissions for the machine
    • 1-Click session can be started from Live Connect and the Quick view window
  • Software Management Module: Kaseya has improved the performance of Software Management module. More peer has been added for the optimal load distribution. Users may still see a spike in bandwidth during the initial download of the files to the VSA
    • Staggering scan and patch downloads ensure that agent requests do not hit the VSA all at the same time
    • Decreasing the number of status responses sent to and from the endpoint and the VSA
    • Adding sleep functionality to the agents to allow more processing time before sending results back to the VSA
  • Other Major Improvements:
    • Quick view received an update. Integrations like BMS and IT Glue. Admins can use these functionalities from the quick view itself
    • Future plans are to configure the IT Glue deep integration so that admins can access the documents, passwords and other IT glue items from the quick view
    • VOIP integration: It will give the functionality of creating tickets from phone calls. The callers will be matched to their BMS accounts and engineers can create tickets with one click

The patch has introduced many other bug fixes and the future plans are to improve and add more functions, such as AD integrations, Mobile app, 2FA login, Endpoint billing improvement, and advanced network monitoring.