Kaseya’s New State-of-the-Art Contemporary User Interface

Kaseya’s New State-of-the-Art Contemporary User Interface

When we think of a state-of-the-art Contemporary User Interface (UI), a few points that come to mind would be simple, user-friendly, easily accessible, minimal clutter, intuitive, and fast.

Kaseya’s new UI aims its focus on the points above, and so far, seems to have made a good first impression on most users. The much-awaited change is already deployed for the Kaseya VSA SaaS customer, and is gradually being released to the Kaseya VSA On-Prem users either by requesting the change or by general sequential distribution.

Highlights of Kaseya VSA UI changes:

  • Left-hand side menu: The menu is now redesigned in a way that helps to create a quicker flow, and a change in filters that helps to reduce the number of refreshes necessary, which have previously been a cause for concern. The menu now has the feature of being collapsible, which provides better visibility to the data views when using multiple columns, avoiding scrolls.
  • Top bar:
    • The alerts, notifications, and messages sections have been combined and can now be found in a single location for all key notifications from application and Kaseya support.
    • Machine Network Status: New feature represents a machine under the specific gateway.
    • Notes: A redesigned and easy to use notes session now with machine tagging and a more efficient search feature.
    • Timer: New and enhanced timer.
    • Online & offline agents’ status: information is more clearly provided and segregated.

Other key happenings in Kaseya:

  • Powered Services 2.0: featuring ID Agent’s battle-tested Goal Assist
  • IT Glue Offers Limited Release of Network Glue for Powerful Network Discovery, Documentation, and Diagramming

Keep an eye out for more details on other new and upcoming changes by continuing to follow our blog, and please contact us with any questions!