Kaseya Product Release – April ’19

Kaseya Product Release – April ’19

During the most recent Kaseya product release webinar, multiple announcements were made regarding the new interface, upcoming functionality, new product additions to the portfolio, and much more. Below are 4 key items discussed during the Webinar:

  • New Kaseya User Interface/Experience: UI Modernization, Simplified GUI, Improved Usability and Enhanced Consistency.
  • Scalability, Security, and Performance - API Improvements
  • Advance Network monitoring (Traverse in VSA)
  • NextGen Software Management.

A few other new improvements include:

  • IT glue integration: Available to launch from VSA, quick view and from live connect.
  • New and improved blackout window under software management with the flexibility to now select specific days and start/stop time.

Future improvements and enhancements planned to launch include:

  • An entire new VSA which will be more like live connect GUI with new and simplified icons. New Device page which will have a new homepage with a consolidated view for all managed and non-managed assets.
  • One Click session - New session type to be added in the live connect. It will give direct login access to the technician taking remote of the machine. A temporary user will be created which will be removed once the session is disconnected. Further access can be restricted to certain users or technicians to utilize this feature.
  • End-user portal ticketing re-designed: Direct portal integration, activity, and an enhanced ticketing UI.
  • Windows as a Service (WAAS) for Windows 10 machines: Help in improving and controlling patch management for Windows 10 machines.

Several other improvements will be coming in the NextGen Software Management module, and we will continue to publish those out for you. Please continue to follow our blog for more information and contact us with any questions!