Facing a Challenge, Automation within Kaseya is the Key

Facing a Challenge, Automation within Kaseya is the Key

With constant growth in the IT infrastructure, and with services going in many different directions (in-house assets, data centers, cloud ecosystems, etc.), it is getting very difficult to keep track of changes, version controls, and much more. This is leading to even more difficulty in managing such infrastructure for multiple clients.

With such a diverse clientele having a variety of tools and IT needs reaching out to MSPs, there are a few challenges that most MSPs face:

  • Configuration Audits – Conducting an audit periodically, with an aim to track changes in the hardware inventory, software installation and updates.
    • Microsoft & 3rd party patching Audit
    • Managed Antivirus installation and updates audit
    • Hardware assets changes and inventory audit
  • End client reporting and ensuring compliance based on industry standards
  • Finding gaps by collecting relevant data to avoid non-compliance for your company and your customers
  • Adapting to flexible business requirements like working from different locations, using personal devices, etc.
  • Managing exceptions and special machines, like CEO’s machine.
  • Visibility into all areas of your network and infrastructure.
  • Collating data from different sources and mapping it together to analyze.

Solutions to these challenges - Kaseya Audits and Automation

With the help of Kaseya VSA, you can conduct an entire infrastructure audit on each of the challenges listed above, and generate reports the way you want, all through automation. This allows you more time to focus on growing your business, and other key strategic initiatives.

  • Utilizing different Kaseya Audits like baseline, latest, and system information, you can extract information related to system hardware, software, applications and log changes.
  • Scripts/Kaseya agent procedures can be built out to extract advanced information using registries, file information, and more.
  • Utilizing the power of Kaseya VSA to fix issues before generating an alert using auto-remediate functions.
  • Centrally manage and control the infrastructure, including alerting, patching and maintenance activities through Kaseya’s policy management
  • Kaseya info center reports are generated without manual intervention, providing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Kaseya assists in ensuring compliance with different bodies and industry standards.
  • Kaseya and its by-products enable you to conduct security audits on domains related to passwords, multiple failure login attempts, outdated users and computers, etc.

You have a challenge, and we can fix it for you through the power of Kaseya VSA automation!