Kaseya Products Release & Improvements

Kaseya Products Release & Improvements

 Kaseya has now started working even harder towards product improvements, and with more and more acquisitions, they have further expanded their IT Complete Platform. During the last product release webinar, multiple announcements were made regarding the release process, upcoming functionality, new product additions to the portfolio, and more.

In case you missed the webinar, here’s a summary of what is coming your way from Kaseya:

  • Kaseya Connect Currents – Monthly Customer Newsletter will introduce a new section called “product corner”, which will provide details on changes that happened over the last 30 days, as well as those coming in the next 30 Days
  • Kaseya Connect Global – A Webinar conducted every 6 months to recap all major changes and milestones achieved. This information is also available at other various local and global events
  • In order to standardize the process of patches released, Kaseya will now be aiming to have a product patch release on every 4th Wednesday of the month. They may still have QFE on an ad hoc basis (Quick Fix Release)
  • Feature Flagging will be introduced

Upcoming Features:

  • Kaseya’s new and reimagined Chat
  • New User Portal & Ticketing with a much more simplified interface
  • Kaseya remote control much-awaited feature to black-out desktops
  • Option to disable peripherals
  • Another key feature with remote control drop-down for all available displays to choose or switch between the screen to work on, and using multiple desktops on one remote session screen
  • Injecting password with Live Connect using AuthAnvil
  • Software Management & Patching
    • Windows 10/2016 – Option to defer updates 30 - 45 Days, 180 - 365 days for feature updates/scheduling
    • Enhanced Wake on LAN
    • Introduction of LANCache in software management

Recent Updates:

  • Kaseya Live Connect & Remote Control – Reconnecting option (after restart or lost connectivity)
  • Kaseya Software Management
    • Expanded patch black window configuration option
    • Assigning multiple Software Management policies to machines