Checkpoints to Remember While Choosing a Cloud Backup Service Provider

Checkpoints to Remember While Choosing a Cloud Backup Service Provider

Cloud Backups, or backing up data to a remote online Backup Service Provider, is an essential service that every organization requires as part of its Disaster Recovery plan.

In this blog, we will talk to you about Checkpoints that you should look for in your Cloud Backup service provider. If you are currently using Cloud Backup Services and find the Answer to be “No” for any of the checkpoints mentioned below, it’s the right time to look for different Service Providers rather than waiting for unwanted troubles:


o   Is your Cloud Backup Service Provider providing you with the agreed Uptime SLA?

o   Does your Cloud Backup Service Provider have a secondary Datacenter where your critical data is saved to offer you redundancy?

Without a say, Cloud-Based Services demands stringent uptime SLA.

o   Check for the historic maintenance records/notifications or Availability Track: If your Cloud Backup Service Provider is doing frequent maintenance activities then it suggests that they do not have things in place and that they themselves are struggling with their availability.

o   Do they offer you a visit to their facility? Best-of-class providers would be happy to display their facility and let you see where and how your backup data is saved.


Disaster Recovery

o   Have you tested to ensure the Recovery Time Objective is met?

o   Most often, companies tend to rely on doing verifications with a locally saved backup archive. However, in the event you lose track of the local backup drive, you would have to rely on restoring the backup data from the cloud.

o   Now, if you are not able to restore data within the required timeframe, the service is of no use. Additionally, your client would be majorly impacted every minute the recovery process takes place.



o   Is your provider compliant with required industry and security Standards?

o   It is highly important that you are not only giving the facility the responsibility of keeping your critical backup data stored in a   data center, but the datacenter should be equipped with required security compliances to offer you advanced security from brutes, breaches or ransomware attacks.


Response Time and Support Availability

o   Is the Service Provider offering around the clock support?

o   Is the response time articulated in your Service Level Agreement? Make sure it does not entail only the acknowledgment to your raised request, but the process initiation on raised requests.

o   Review the case studies and client references to take a peek through their support staff, and their readiness to provide support assistance.


In this blog, we talked about critical aspects one should focus upon while choosing their Cloud Backup Service Provider.

If you are looking to have these practices built into the DNA of your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.