Must Have Kaseya Integrations

Must Have Kaseya Integrations

Utilizing a unified platform for managing different business products, solutions, tools is a way to move your business forward. The team at Kaseya has identified this need within many organizations and has been aggressively acquiring or encouraging market leaders to develop integrations with the Kaseya VSA platform.  Using their Technology Alliance Program, they are able to support, promote and provide ease of access to their common customers.

The overall goal of these integrations is to provide a better user experience when utilizing features from multiple third-party applications within the Kaseya user interface. This saves tons of time by removing the need to juggle between different platforms and applications.

If your organization uses any of the tools below, it's high time to start planning for the integration of these applications so you can utilize the power of RMM for consolidating and automating many of your manual processes.  Check out ProVal’s recommended Kaseya integrations below.


ProVal’s Top 7 Kaseya Integrations


  1. BrightGauge – Using the Brightgauge integration allows you to build custom dashboards and reports using not only Kaseya data but data pulled from other sources as well. You can utilize the stock sample dashboards and reports or build your own custom reports. Having this data at your fingertips helps business leaders make informed decisions in real time.


  1. ConnectWise Manage - The ConnectWise Mange plugin has been getting some love recently and will continue to see focused development around its integration with Kaseya. You can now leverage features such as two-way ticket sync, assets detail sync, and advanced reporting.



  1. IT Glue – If your organization is using IT Glue, you don’t want to skip out on this integration. Sync your Kaseya information to map configurations, organization, and many other pieces of information using the IT Glue plugin. Smart matching provides suggestions to ensure seamless mapping and quick integration.  This is excellent for getting infrastructure details within a single ecosystem.


  1. RapidFire Tools - As a recent Kaseya acquisition, the RapidFire Tools integration promises to get even more focus and improvement over time. Simplify your IT assessments, documentation and reporting by automating your compliance process.



  1. Unigma: Unigma allows you to keep an eye on your cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Office 365. This integration allows for improved management, monitoring, automating and analyzing cost for your public cloud environments.


  1. Veeam – As one of the most prominent backup solutions in the MSP industry, Veeam has a solid integration with Kaseya. This add-on gathers data from managed Veeam Backup Servers and VM’s in your environment to build detailed dashboard and reports. You can effectively monitor for alarms as well as the current and historical state of the backup jobs.



  1. WebRoot – Webroot is one of the most commonly used endpoint security solutions in the MSP market, regardless of your RMM platform. This vendor has one of the best anti-virus integrations. With the availability of features like automated or selective deployments and the ability to manage policy and remediate issues from within a single pane of glass, makes using the WebRoot plugin a no-brainer.


Aside from RapidFire, we are likely to see many new integrations coming with other major acquisitions such as Spanning Cloud Apps; a leading provider of backup and recovery for SaaS applications or Unitrends; a data protection solution with services like backup, archiving and disaster recovery for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Get in touch with a ProVal engineer today to get assistance integrating any or all of these platforms into your environment!