Policing Policies in Kaseya

Policing Policies in Kaseya

It’s hard to admit, but most MSP’s are not utilizing the policy management module in Kaseya to its full potential or even at all when managing device configuration.  Policy Management one of the foundational modules of Kaseya and is available with all versions of VSA. With this being one of the most critical modules for handling an agent's configuration management, the product team at Kaseya are constantly adding features and functionality to the Policy Management module with every update and upgrade to the platform.

Instead of manually applying specific settings individually, you can utilize the Policy Management screen as a single pane of glass to configure multiple settings simultaneously for multiple agents. The Settings below can be configured through the Policy Management module at the global, client, group or machine level:

  • Agent Menu – Basic Agent Settings
  • Agent Procedures – Add, Remove or Scheduling a Script/Procedure
  • Alerts – Core agents alerts like offline, low disk, event log, patch, application and hardware failure etc.
  • Audit Schedule – Baseline, Latest and System Information Audit
  • Checkin – Agent Checkin settings
  • Credential – Setting agent credentials for performing tasks with elevated permissions
  • Distribute Files – Distribute a set of files, applications etc.
  • Event Log Settings – Capturing types of event logs and retention
  • LAN Cache – Setting and Using LAN Cache
  • Log History – Other System and Application Logs
  • Machine Profile – Machine and its User Details
  • Monitor Sets – Additional real-time monitoring of counter objects, counters, counter instances, services and processes for alarms or reporting
  • Protection – Controlling level of Access
  • Remote Control – Remote machine access settings
  • Patch File Source – Source of getting the patches
  • Patch Procedure Schedule – Scan & Automatic update schedule
  • Patch Reboot Action – Reboot Action post patching
  • Patch Settings - Pre & Post patch procedure/scripts, Membership and Alerting
  • Patch Windows Automatic Update – Machine’s automatic update settings
  • Software Deployment Profile Assignment – Assign application deployment profile
  • Software Deployment Reboot Action – Reboot Action post application patching
  • Software Deployment Scan Schedule – Scan schedule for current version install
  • Suspend Alarms – Suspend alarms on a set of machines
  • Update List By Scan – Update list of monitors applied
  • Working Directory – Default agent directory


While it may seem like a lot of work developing and configuring policies for your managed agents, you will quickly see the value in your efforts.  For example:

  • The single pane of glass view provided by the Policy Managment module makes it easy to ensure that the right settings are applied for your various clients/devices
  • New clients or machines on-boarding becomes much more simple, simply deploy the agent and let the rest be automatically configured by a custom policy
  • Making adjustments en masse is easy, you don’t have worry manually adjusting critical settings on individual groups or devices
  • You gain peace of mind knowing that the right settings and alert policies are being applied to the devices you manage.


Our engineers at ProVal Tech are more than happy to assist you with the implementation and management of policies in your environment.  We will also help you customize policies to your requirements and incorporating the exceptions or adapting different methodology to address the specific needs of your clients.