10 Rarely Used Features in Kaseya

10 Rarely Used Features in Kaseya

If you've been working at your MSP very long, you've surely experienced just how intricate and sometimes frustrating the tools we use on a daily basis can be.  RMM tools like Kaseya have amazing functionality but aren't always the most intuitive applications to work with.

We have captured 10 rarely used features of the Kaseya application that we believe can help you and your MSP get the most out of your RMM tool.

Agent --> Live Connect on Demand

This will install a temporary agent on the specified machines allowing your technicians to remotely access the devices for up to a maximum of 12 hours.  After the session ended or the 12-hour window expires, the temporary agent is automatically uninstalled from the devices.

Home Screen --> Column Sets

This feature allows you to create custom "column sets".  This will save a preferred display of data containing only the data columns you specify.  This gives you quick and easy access to the data you want, when you want it and is exceptionally helpful for extracting customized report data.

Agent Procedures --> Variable Manager

This allows administrators to create short, easy-to-remember variables that represent long, difficult-to-remember directory paths or commands. You can use variables in the Agent Procedure Editor with the syntax <VariableName>. You can also assign the same variable name to different values for each group ID/client.

Agent Procedure --> Patch & Application Deploy

This wizard allows you to create an auto-script to deploy all Microsoft patches within specific parameters you specify.  You can use this same wizard to create a script to silently deploy applications using the application install package.  You can even specify specific install switches if needed.

Discovery --> Discovered Devices --> Deploy Agent by Address

Using this feature will deploy Kaseya agents to specific IPV4 addresses that have not yet been discovered.  This is a quick way to get missing agents installed on the fly.

Monitor --> Assign Monitoring --> Individualized Monitor Set

You can use this feature individualize monitor sets and settings for a single agent.  This is helpful when you need to manage exceptions.

Patch Management --> Pre/Post Procedures

Use this feature to run additional Agent Procedures on specified machines before or after a Patch management update.  This can be used for additional cleanup or customized logging.

Patch Management --> Approval by Patch

You can use this to filter the data displayed on the Patch Management screen by specifying values in the Patch Filter Data Bar at the top of the page.  Enter or select values in the KB Article, Classification or Products fields to filter data. You can also click the Edit button to filter by additional fields and even save your filter as a view you can use anytime.

Remote Control --> FTP

The FTP page lets you establish an FTP session between the currently connected machine and another device using the specific machine ID. This is a quick and esay way to transfer files & folders between two different devices.

System --> Statistics --> Size per Machine

This setting can be useful to identify if your Kaseya application is in need of maintenance or you want to assess its current performance.  Check here if you are noticing application issues or slowness.

These are only a handful of features and settings that you may not be leveraging when working in Kaseya.  We are constantly on the lookout for new tips and tricks to share with our partners.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you want to know more!