5 Tips for using the Report Center

5 Tips for using the Report Center

The Report Center plugin has replaced the integrated reporting system in Automate. All reports are now managed through the plugin, including scheduled and custom reports. The below tips will help you get kick-started with the plugin:


Report Branding

Reports can be branded with your MSPs logo. This is important to not only create a seamless experience for your client, but to also override the Automate branding that is present on the reports by default.

Creating a New Report from Template

Looking to customize an existing report? Create a new report from an existing template. Simple wording changes are quick and easy, but you may find that expanding on reports present a significant learning curve.

Scheduling Reports

Reports can be scheduled to go out on a repeating basis. This ensures reports are delivered to your clients, or internally, in a timely manner that’s also consistent. Use the New Schedule Wizard to build out a schedule for an existing report.

Email Templates

Tailor reports to your individual clients by creating custom email templates. Custom email templates allow you to set the subject and body of the email. Attached will be the report as a PDF.

Executive Summary Report

The Executive Summary Report is a replica of the legacy executive report. If you don’t see it, update your Report Center plugin and make sure you’re running the newest version of Automate.