Introducing Kaseya VSA 9.5

Introducing Kaseya VSA 9.5

Kaseya has recently released its new “Next Generation Remote Monitoring Management Platform” Version 9.5, with lot of new critical features including couple of new features in Live Connect, KAV and better management of Cloud Backup with integration with Policy Management etc. Read more for further details:

Live Connect

  • PowerShell

Newly added a much-awaited PowerShell command line console to Live Connect. The Commands menu in Live Connect now have a drop-down menu to choose from either Command Prompt or PowerShell.

After clicking the PowerShell option, you can run any PowerShell command and PS1 script on the remote machine.

  • Files/Folder Transfer

More robust & quick file/folder transfer, you can now select multiple folders as compared to only individual files in the previous version and upload or download them between local machine and remote agent machines using the Live Connect > File Manager.

KAV Module

  • New antivirus version made available Kaspersky 10, Service pack 2
  • New Reboot Options
    • Reboot after update
    • Warn user and wait for x min and then reboot
    • Ask user about reboot and offer to delay (reask every x minute); do not reboot until get response
    • Ask permission, if no response in x min reboot
    • Skip Reboot
    • Do not reboot after update, send email

New Content Pack

  • Monitoring for Server 2016
  • Multiple additions of Agent Procedures, Monitor Sets and Event Log Alerts Etc. added on Automation Exchange

Cloud Backup

  • Flexibility in Pricing – You can now have storage-based pricing and have unlimited number of machines backing up possible within that storage capacity
  • Managing cloud backup through Policy management by created a backup and alerting profile and applying it to multiple machines to automate the configuration

Enhanced PSA Integration

  • Ticket Deduplication
  • Automated Ticket Closing & Reopening
  • Organization Sync
  • Kaseya’s PSA Integrator with PSA’s like ConnectWise, Autotask & Tigerpaw

Technology Alliance Partner Program

  • New Integrations with Warranty Master, CustomerThermometer, WebRoot, Acronis, Bitdefender, Carbonite Etc.
  • Multiple other integration and updates within existing integrations coming up in the year 2018

Software Management

Software Management is a new patch management module for Windows and Apple machines. Apart from the operating system patches it also manages deployment of 3rd-party software.

It includes complete configuration like scanning, deployment, reboot schedule, alerting etc. through one common module.