8 Tips for using Automate 12

8 Tips for using Automate 12

Automate 12 is now available and with it comes a fully redesigned Control Center. While many changes have been made, we've summarized the top eight below.

New Drop-down

The new drop-down allows you to quickly create a from within anywhere in the Control Center.


The menu bar now has a "favorites" section which consists of items marked as "favorite" within the Control Center. You can favorite both individual items and sections.

Reload System Cache

The option to run a reload system cache has moved. It’s now under your user drop-down.

User Preferences

Under your user drop-down, "Preferences" is now available as on option. Here you can change whether to show Object IDs, open the command console on open, adjust the theme, and to have the computer management window open in separate windows.

Quick Actions

Within a client, quick actions are available across the top. You can quickly and easily run scripts, commands, reports, or take remote control of a machine selected below. Select multiple machines to run it against multiple machines.


The Control Center now has three different search boxes:

Agent ID Search: Allows you to search by Agent ID only.
Tree Search: Searches the current navigation tree only. Only what is within the tree is searchable.
Window Search: Searches the current window only, based on what is selected in the navigation tree. All fields are searchable within the window.

Report Center

Reporting is now handled through the Report Center plugin. With the update the Automate 12, the Executive Summary report becomes available.


The option to enable SQL Spy in Automate 12 has moved to within the dashboard. To enable it, navigate to System > Configuration > Dashboard > and check the Display SQL queries for development and debugging box.