Automate 12 Patch 3 is Available while Automate 11 has reached End of Life (UPDATED x2)

Automate 12 Patch 3 is Available while Automate 11 has reached End of Life (UPDATED x2)

UPDATE: Automate Support has re-released patch 3. The version is now .294 and the below article has been updated to reflect that.

UPDATE: Automate Support has pulled the release notes and the patch. There is no announced time for when it will return.

ConnectWise has released a new patch for Automate 12. Automate 12 has progressed to patch 3, changing the Automate Server version to 12.0.294 and moving the control center up to version 120.294. Patch 3 includes new features as well as bug fixes. Automate 11 has reached end of life and will no longer be patched. Some of the top enhancements and issues fixed are listed:

  • Remote monitors will now automatically synchronize configurations after a remote agent has been successfully updated.
  • Automate will now check for monitor configuration changes every time the agent restarts so configurations can be made even when an agent is offline.
  • An option to assign patch deferment polices to groups in order to control when patches get deployed on Windows 10 machines has been added to the Patch Manager.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some scheduled scripts to run on computers after they have been removed from the group that the script was scheduled on.
  • An issue has been addressed that was causing a corrupt 7-zip file to prevent nightly maintenance from completing and possibly blocking other automation processes.

For more information on this patch and complete release notes, visit the Patch Release Notes page. Previous patch changes are also listed for historical purposes. Ensuring your Connectswise Automate Server is up-to-date is an important task. ConnectWise is on a monthly patching schedule and regularly fixes critical bugs as well as provides feature enhancements. Check back next month for details on the next monthly patch.