Using the Ignite Manager in Automate

Using the Ignite Manager in Automate

ConnectWise Automate has migrated the remote monitoring from the Service Plans > Server Roles groups to the Ignite Manager plugin. The Ignite Manager allows for centralized management of the monitors that run against the different server types. Monitoring is available for:

  • Core Services
  • Messaging
  • Network Port
  • Web/Proxy
  • Databases

On the main dashboard of the Ignite Manager plugin, you are presented with the different monitoring solutions.

Clicking on one of the icons will take you into that monitoring group, where you can modify the monitors and alert templates that are called.

Using the Ignite Monitor centralizes management and allows you to ensure monitors are applied to the correct servers. Noise can be reduced as well as it’s easier to track down what’s running and turn off the monitors that don’t apply to your monitoring services offered.