Requirements to Upgrade to Automate 12

Requirements to Upgrade to Automate 12

ConnectWise has started the rollout of Automate 12 as of December 4th. The upgrade will initially be released to on-premise customers in an A-Z rollout. The rollout to hosted customers will begin in January. All clients will have access to the upgrade by February 1st, when it’s released for general availability.

Requirements to Upgrade:

  • SSL – SSL must be enabled with a certificate in order to upgrade to Automate 12.
  • Patch Manager – The new Patch Manager released with Automate 11 must be upgraded to if not already done so. If the new Patch Manager is not active, the upgrade will not complete.
  • Solution Center – All core plugins must be updated in order for the upgrade to complete.

Note: ConnectWise will be releasing Patch 19 for Automate 11. This is the last patch for Automate 11. If this patch is installed, you will need to wait until Automate 12 Patch 1 in order to upgrade. The initial release of Automate 12 cannot be installed over Automate 11 Patch 19.

Once upgraded to Automate 12, there are many visual changes that have been made to the Control Center. Further, the older reports have been retired and the Report Center is now the default reporting tool. ConnectWise has created a “legacy items” option within the dashboard for the removed functionality. To access this, navigate to Dashboard > Config > Control Center and check the “Legacy Items” checkbox. A restart of the Control Center is required to view this functionality. For more information on Automate 12, ConnectWise has a release notes page which includes a walk through video: