5 Reasons for MSP Industry Leaders to Get Involved in HTG

5 Reasons for MSP Industry Leaders to Get Involved in HTG

Since 2000, HTG has been dedicated to helping MSP leaders to navigate and build within their field, their business, as well as within themselves as individuals.  Arlin Sorenson, HTG Founder, started HTG to create a community for MSPs and IT industry vendors to support each other in cultivating deeper growth strategies. HTG fosters an environment for MSP leaders to connect with each other in a multitude of ways, leading MSPs to the next level of success.  In addition, the HTG Service Summit is a great way for MSP industry leaders to connect with vendors, like IT Glue, Continuum, Datto, and industry consulting companies directly.

With a multitude of resources available to HTG Peer Group members, events like the HTG Services Summit are proving to be a beneficial engagement for MSP industry leaders to get involved in.  Today, there are more than 450 HTG Peer Groups around the globe.  Here are 5 Reasons for MSP Industry Leaders to Get Involved in HTG:

  • Peer Group Interaction

When MSP professionals attend an HTG event, they have the opportunity to engage in peer groups set up to connect business leaders.  Groups are strategically created taking company size and geographical diversity into account, so that peer MSP leaders can hone in on the struggles and strategies that they share within the stage of business that they’re currently in without crossing competitor paths.  Peer group members commit to holding each other accountable to staying disciplined in their business growth plans.  Furthermore, peer groups meet quarterly, which allows for peer relationships to develop on a deeper level of support.  Peer groups are a great way for business leaders to gain insight and build solid, in-depth relationships with other industry professionals.

  • Relationship Building

HTG not only offers a unique platform for MSP business leaders to build relationships with peers, but also with their own business, and with themselves.  The HTG Service Summit helps leaders in building a better relationship with their business by taking the time to turn their focus to each moving component. To bring relationship building full circle, business leaders are also guided in the process of personal development.

  • Subject Specific Business Guidance

At the HTG Service Summit, MSP business leaders dig into specific components of business, such as, Finance, Metrics, Project Management, Delivering Service, and Leadership.  Professional coaching is an incredibly valuable component to the HTG experience as well.

  • New Ideas

Gaining insight and new ideas about current business operations is a huge portion of the focus at HTG.  HTG also brings forth discussion about the array of up and coming technologies, and how they relate to the MSP industry.

  • A Plan

Moving forward with an improved plan for your business is an incredibly valuable benefit of getting involved with HTG.  HTG provides a support vehicle for MSP leaders to develop effective plans to grow.

The HTG Service Summit is a fantastic way for MSP industry leaders to engage in peer interaction, building relationships, exchanging ideas, and professional guidance. ProVal Tech has been involved with the HTG Peer community as a vendor member for several years. ProVal works with several HTG members in various capacities, has added significant value to their businesses and aided their growth. We look forward to working with this great community and building a stronger partnership. If you are not yet involved in HTG, now is certainly a good time to start!