Using the Active Directory Plugin in ConnectWise Automate

Using the Active Directory Plugin in ConnectWise Automate


ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech) provides many plugins via the Solution Center to enhance the functionality of the product. The Active Directory plugin consist of two parts, the Active Directory Plugin and the Active Directory Remote plugin. Both are required for the plugin to function. Downloading the plugin from the Solution Center will install both. The plugin provides two main features which are syncing Active Directory users from client sites to Automate contacts and performing basic domain tasks via Automate like password resets.

Syncing Active Directory users to Automate Contacts

To access the Active Directory Domains, from the Control Center click View > Active Directory Domains. This will open the below window.


This window will list the discovered domains within your Automate environment. On each line under the Credentials column, you will need to set the Domain Admin credentials to use. These need to be configured on each client by double-clicking on the in the navigation tree and navigating to the passwords tab. Double-clicking on a line in the Active Directory Domains window will open the Active Directory Contact Sync Window. From here you can set the users to sync in Automate. Syncing users will create them as contacts under their company. You can utilize the Distinguished Name Filter and Group Conditions to filter out what users show in the list below. Checking Auto-sync users to contacts and Create new contacts will then sync over the contacts below as new ones are created.


Managing Active Directory through Automate

To access the Active Directory Browser, from the Control Center click View > Active Directory Browser. This will open the below window.


Choosing a domain from the left-hand side drop down and expanding it will populate the right-hand side of the window. You will be able to see the standard navigation tree as you would from within Active Directory, viewing computers and users. You can also manage groups. Double-clicking on a user will open a user properties window allowing you to update the user’s information, reset the password, change group membership, or disable the account.

Utilizing the Active Directory plugin in your Automate environment can reduce time spent managing users within a domain. Users will sync over to Automate as contacts ensuring you always have an up-to-date list of users that can further sync with ConnectWise. Documentation is available for this plugin on the Automate website: