New Patch Available for Automate 11 (Patch 11)

New Patch Available for Automate 11 (Patch 11)

ConnectWise has released a new patch for Automate 11 (formerly LabTech). Automate 11 has progressed to patch 11, changing the Automate Server version to 11.0.11 and moving the control center up to version 11.0.360. Patch 11 includes new features as well as bug fixes. Top issues fixed include:

  • All Info panels have been removed from all data tiles and replaced with a Help button that opens a browser window to the respective documentation.
  • Corrected an issue where monthly group scheduled scripts were not using the day of month selected, but day. Now, when scheduling a script on a group to run monthly, if set for day 1 and submitted on April 5, the next schedule will show May 1st.
  • Corrected a patching issue where a computer is upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you would only see Windows 7 patches.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the Control Center to crash if the Computer Management screen was closed before it finished loading.

For more information on this patch and complete release notes, visit the Patch Release Notes page. Previous patch changes are also listed for historical purposes.

With this month’s patch release, ConnectWise is no longer patching LabTech 10.5. It is recommended at this time to upgrade to Automate 11 for the best possible experience. Bug fixes will no longer be released and any software issues would need to be resolved by upgrading to Automate 11.

Ensuring your LabTech Server is up-to-date is an important task. ConnectWise is on a monthly patching schedule and regularly fixes critical bugs as well as provides feature enhancements. Check back next month for details on the next updates.