Monitoring and Restarting a Service in LabTech

Monitoring and Restarting a Service in LabTech

LabTech provides powerful monitoring functionality that can be utilized to automate tasks. LabTech is able to monitor Windows services and restart them in the event they are hung or stopped. To create a new monitor on a specific machine, right click on the machine in the navigation tree and choose Monitors > Add New Monitor. When asked if you would like to use the wizard, choose Yes. This will open the Monitor Wizard where you can choose Monitor Servers and Processes. Click Next.


Select the service you would like to monitor. Ensure the box Alert When Not Running is checked. Click Next.


The next window will be automatically populated with the relevant information. This cannot be changed. Click Next. The wizard will now ask for the frequency the monitor should run. This is how often LabTech will check if the service is running or not. Click Next.


This next page is important. This is where you set the Alert Style (How many failures before an alert), Alert Template (What to do when triggered), Ticket Category, and Report Category. If you would like to automatically restart the service when it’s detected in a stopped or hung state, choose the alert template ~Autofix Actions Restart Service. This alert template will run a script to restart the service and open a ticket with the results. The ticket will close if the service restarted successfully. Click Next.


This page allows you to customize your alert message. The default will suffice for most instances. Click Next.


The last page will summarize the configuration of the monitor. If you are satisfied, click Finish and your monitor will start to run on the frequency configured.


If at any time in the future you would like to update or change the monitor, it can be accessed by double clicking the machine it was created on in the navigation tree and navigating to the Monitors tab. This tab lists all monitors running on the machine.