Deploying Applications to Agents on Kaseya

Deploying Applications to Agents on Kaseya

One of the advantages of an RMM is the ability to quickly deploy any application on priority on multiple machines. Reading on, you will be showing how to perform this in Kaseya. To do this, you will need to create an automatic script which will silently deploy and install any application with option to select a post installation reboot. Follow the steps below:

    • Click Agent Procedure>Installer Wizards>Application Deploy
    • Upload the .MSI file of KServer, by clicking on here.
    • Once uploaded Click “Next” to proceed further.

    • Choose one of the below option for upload either “Private Files” or “Shared Files”

    • Use the option “Upload a file”

    • Under option “2” select the uploaded file amongst the dropdown.
    • Under option “3” leave it default to “Windows Installer (MSI files)”.

    • Specify command line. If any. (Here /q for quiet install)
    • Name the procedure under option “4”
    • Check box under option “5” in case a reboot is required. Leave it unchecked if not required.
    • Click on create to have an automatic application deploy and install procedure.

Now that you have your automatic deploy and install procedure, you can run this on machines to install the configured application.