Utilizing a LabTech Search to find Software Installed

Utilizing a LabTech Search to find Software Installed

LabTech provides powerful built-in search functionality, but it can be overwhelming at first. In this example, you will be shown how to run a search across your environment to find machines running a specific piece of installed software. First, log into the LabTech console and click on the search icon in the menu bar. Once the search window is open, click on the advanced tab and right-click in the below white area, selecting the Switch to Legacy option. Now you will have a configurable search window. Fill out the top field with the following input:

Field: Related – Software Installed
Related: Name (Software)
Values: The name of the software you are searching for (Google Chrome in this example)

***Tip: Leave the Values section blank to view a list of all the software installed on all machines. This can help to get the exact name of the software you are searching for, as you will need to be specific.

Once you have the above inputs entered, click search. In the example below, we searched for the software “Google Chrome” and the results list all machines across the LabTech environment with Google Chrome installed.


If you would like to refer to a search at a later time, save it so that you can easily open it later. Searches can also be used to populate groups. Searches update automatically and can be configured to automatically add machines to a group as a search finds new machines meeting the requirements.