Reviewing The Effective Policy of a Labtech Agent

Reviewing The Effective Policy of a Labtech Agent

Effective Policy displays the policy that is currently applied to the agent. The information includes contact details, passwords, groups, templates, schedules, scripts, software scripts, monitors and patching information.</p<

To open the effective policy of an agent:

    • From the clients node navigate to the desired computer and double click.
    • This will open the Computer Management screen
    • Click on the Effective Policy tab

  • Expand the Computers Current Config. This is where you can view the current policy that is applied to the agent.

The Current Config is extremely helpful information if you are having trouble with conflicting schedules or group priority overriding configured templates. The Current Config displays what policies are actually taking effect on the agent. If this is not as you expected, you can review the Auto Applied templates to determine what template is applying the settings. Remember, templates are applied by groups, and the priority of each template is configured from within the group.