Useful Datto Error Codes and their Meanings:

Useful Datto Error Codes and their Meanings:

On a Datto device, each process that takes place during a backup has a specific code associated with it. Knowing what these codes mean can be useful when you are troubleshooting an error. Within the backup logs on the Datto device, found in the directory /datto/config/keys (ex, you are able to gather this information. For example, when a ZFS snapshot fails, or a ShadowSnap version is determined to be too old for encryption to be used, each of these instances are assigned a code. During troubleshooting or if you are attempting to verify that a specific portion of a backup is running, these codes can be very useful to assist with these procedures. The most common way to use them is to create simple scripts using grep in order to determine an occurrence of an event. Here’s the list of some of these useful event codes:

Agent error category code – AGT

Agent Errors

AGT0900 Warning Agent pairing failed, will re-attempt
AGT0910 Critical Agent pairing failed giving up
AGT0915 Critical Agent pairing failed giving up
AGT0930 Critical Blank hostname in certificate pair
AGT0940 Critical Curl Keyfile is empty request failed
AGT0950 Critical Curl Keyfile is Missing request failed
AGT1310 Warning Metadata XML is invalid! #
AGT1330 Warning XML Parser threw an error in gettingAgentData related to version
AGT1340 Critical Curl returned and HTTP Error state. State was #[STATE]#
AGT1350 Warning Curl returned false to agentinfo
AGT1360 Warning Connectivity Failed. Agent Info Request Aborted.
AGT1960 Warning $volName for $hosname has been included for backups

Utilizing this table, you can quickly reference the error codes to expedite you troubleshooting process.