Machine Patch Status not Updating in Kaseya

Machine Patch Status not Updating in Kaseya

If a machines Patch Status in not updating in Kaseya under Patch Management>Manage Machines>Patch Status, there are multiple causes that could be the culprit.

The first cause could be if any software or program was installed on the machine for Patch Management or if the machine is WSUS managed. If the system is being managed by another solution, you will need to detach the machine from that solution. Additionally, this issue may sometimes be caused due to an outdated version of the Windows Update agent/Kaseya Agent, in which case you would need to update the version.

In order to resolve this issue, log into the affected machine and follow the steps outlined below:

  • Stop the Windows Update service
  • Rename the Software Distribution folder
  • Start the Windows Update service
  • Run Baseline Audit on affected machines
    • Audit>Collect Data>Run Audit>Run Audit Now
  • Run Patch Scan on affected machines
    • Patch Management>Manage Machines>Scan Machine>Run Now

Once you have completed the above steps, check the patch status on the affected machine or machines you follow the corrective steps on.