Utilizing a StorageCraft ShadowControl Server

Utilizing a StorageCraft ShadowControl Server

One of the great things about StorageCraft is that it offers a centralized managed server, ShadowControl. This is provided for free and is fairly simple to install. ShadowControl is provided as a custom Ubuntu image; all you have to do is spin up the image on dedicated hardware or as a virtual machine. From there, ShadowControl is managed completely from a web browser.

Once your ShadowControl server is up and running, the next step is to install the small ShadowControl agent on each StorageCraft server or workstation. The agent collects the most recent backup information and sends it to the centralized ShadowControl server. If you have a lot of StorageCraft installations, the process of rolling out the ShadowControl agent can be scripted. You can even automate the process of subscribing the endpoint to the ShadowControl server.

When logging into the ShadowControl portal, you are presented with a summary of all your machines. Easy to read status bars provide a quick insight into current backup health. Problematic machines can be seen in one view by simply clicking on red status bar.

Utilizing ShadowControl in your StorageCraft environment can reduce the time it takes to find problematic machines as well as reduce the chances of missing a failed backup. There is no limit to the number of technician accounts that can be created. Further, accounts can be created to give your clients access as well.

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